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  • Back Lighting design: Softer light without being dazzling
  • 150 Days: long endurance
  • Dual induction: PIR human body induction+photosensitive induction
  • Magnetic installation: Easier pick and place
  • 360 degree rotating fan, all-round adjustment
  • Plug in cigarette lighter, 12V/24V fan, please choose according to the voltage of the car
  • Double-headed fan for two people
  • Two gears to adjust the wind speed
  • The bottom is equipped with a strong rubber pad, which is converted to driving design
  • Nature Wind 8000mAh Capacity 
  • Max 24 Hrs Working Time 
  • Desktop oscillation type 
  • Adjustable up and down height 
  • Big battery capacity 
  • Type-C input
  • Three adjustable Oscillating angle 
  • 4 Speeds/ Sleep Mode/ Super Quiet
  • Large capacity of 2000mAh, to meet the cooling needs of 1 day.
  • Variety of use methods, can be hung on the neck, desktop, hand-held, fixed by winding
  • LED lighting function, good light helper at night
  • Use Type-C fast charging, charging is uninterrupted, let you enjoy faster
  • There are three wind power options, according to your needs to choose the right wind.
  • The unique seven-blade design can bring greater strong wind and has a stronger wind collection effect
  • Built-in large-capacity battery, battery life is super long, and can withstand high temperature after working for a long time
  • Equipped with brushless motor, humanized design, stable wind power, without disturbing others
  • The stepless speed regulation model supports free adjustment of wind speed, and the large base is placed stably
  • 70 degrees can be adjusted, the required angle can be adjusted according to the needs
  • The fan cover is detachable, you can easily clean the fan blades
  • Energy Saving Lamp
  • RGB Night Light
  • 5 steps Dimming
  • 3 Colors Temperature Options
  • Display with Clock, Calender & Thermometer
  • 1L capacity water storage tank, touch button, upper water design, easy to operate, add at any time;
  • Micron water ion, 50ML water mist per hour for delicate humidification, moisturizing directly to the pores;
  • Independent aromatherapy box design, free volatilization;
  • Transparent water tank, creative water level buoyancy ball, the water volume is clearly visible;
  • 35dB light work, quiet nourishment.
  • Cute appearance
  • Lamp can bend freely
  • Touch color temperature adjustment
  • Touch switch
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries and support USB charging
  • Built-in 1200 mHA rechargeable battery, safe and durable, can be used wirelessly, can also provide a variety of power supply methods