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  • Meet the soft, smooth, anti-slip mouse pad
  • Smooth and silent
  • Spill-proof coating
  • Anti-slip base features natural rubber
  • Comfortable mousing experience
  • Anti-fraying flat-stitched
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Your Workspace Defined
  • Elevate Your Space
  • Spill Resistant
  • Mix Match Pair
  • All Glide No Slide
  • Beauty That lasts
  • Low surface friction
  • Consistent surface texture
  • Matched to Logitech G sensors
  • Stable rubber base
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Hard surface improves mouse and cursor control
  • Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision
  • The ideal surface, game-lab-tested to maximize Logitech G mouse sensor
  • Rubber base keeps the pad in place