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  • Detect fake money notes with UV lights
  • Comes with manifier and manifier lights
  • Fluorescent UV blue lamp 4W
  • Operate safely avoid the UV light shine to your eyes with on/off switch
  • Carbon Fiber desktop Surface
  • Desktop anti drop with RGB ambient light
  • 5 color light with adjust button
  • 120x60x73cm
  • Carbon Fiber desktop Surface
  • Gaming Table with anti Drop Kit
  • Unique Side decoration part with Blue LED
  • Cable Management box on the back
  • 140x60x73cm
  • Carbon Fiber desktop Surface
  • Remote Control with 7 color RGB lightning
  • Cable Management Box on the back
  • 140x60x73CM
  • 1xDual Desktop Foldable Rotate 360 9.2CM Mobile Bracket - Black
  • 60x40x28CM Notebook Table
  • Foldable and Portable: When not in use it can be folded in the corner to save space, also convenient to carry when you go out for a picnic.
  • Multi-Purpose Desk: It can not only function as a laptop desk, but also as a TV dinner tray, patient / child service table, floor coffee table, children's study desk, picnic table, stand for laptop.
  • Versatile: A practical standing table as a multipurpose stand, breakfast tray, or reading shelf on the bed and on the sofa.
  • Size: 60 x 40 x 28.
  • Ergonomic: For office professionals, students and teachers, allow a healthy posture at home and in the office by elevating the laptop for eye-level viewing or support for work.
  • Ergonomic-radian, comfortable feeling of surrounding and fitting.
  • Special card slot design, can put mobile phone , convenient video chat.
  • With cup holder design, solve troubles, a good companion for leisure work.
  • Steel paint stand, a collection of a convenient storage.
  • Waterproof easy to take care of, thickened panel, scratch resistant waterproof, wipe clean.