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  • 360 degree rotating fan, all-round adjustment
  • Plug in cigarette lighter, 12V/24V fan, please choose according to the voltage of the car
  • Double-headed fan for two people
  • Two gears to adjust the wind speed
  • The bottom is equipped with a strong rubber pad, which is converted to driving design
  • 90°, lid is detachable
  • It 's easy to install on a seat connecting rod
  • Handheld hooks can relieve hand pressure
  • Can be installed on a head pillow connecting pole of 10-13 mm in diameter
  • Maximum tolerance of 6kgs
  • Keep your stuff organized
  • Great for purses, grocery bags, coats and more
  • Double hook gives more options
  • Length and flexibility of the hook make it really universal
  • Perfect size and shape ensure reliable holding
  • Edged with protective balls for safety