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  • Live broadcast, selfie, bring goods, video fill light
  • 360° Rotating mobile phone holder, multi-camera multi-platform interaction
  • Three-color soft light, brighten skin color without hurting eyes
  • Height free retractable adjustment
  • Flexible rotation, multi-angle shooting at will
  • USB power supply, plug, and play
  • Smart Chip Faster Charge
  • Mini Elbow Smoother Game
  • Durable Use After Repeated Plugging
  • Fast Transmission and Charging
  • FM radio
  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • Support U disk / TF card , plug in and play
  • Voltage monitoring real-time power display
  • Enhanced noise reduction stable anti-interference
  • One-button hands-free call more convenient
  • Aluminum alloy + oxidation process, a more high-end metal texture.
  • Digital display and real-time monitoring of battery voltage.
  • Five protections against surge, static electricity, overvoltage, short circuit and overcurrent.
  • Multi-protocol, A+C=58.5w, single output port, C port of 36w A port of 22.5w.
  • Wide compatibility, fast charging for various electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, MP3, GPS navigator.
  • Multi-position adjustable angle
  • Free rotation to meet the needs of different perspectives.
  • Non-slip silicone protection/prevent scratches/slips/protect equipment safety.
  • Compatible with 4-10 inch devices, mobile phones and tablets can be played.
  • Aluminum alloy material, durable, environmentally friendly ABS material with good toughness, shock
  • air humidifier can be moved easily
  • can adjust the steam
  • It is a water spray machine, beautiful design, small and cute.
  • with lights to add beauty
  • Can put water 780ml(max)
  • micro usb charging port
  • Handheld fan with built-in rechargeable battery Compact yet powerful air flow fan
  • The included mirror allows you to check your body and attach it to the handle of the fan to create a stand that can stand up on its own
  • In addition to using the stand on it, you can also hold it in your hand and put it around your neck through the strap hole and loop it around your neck. It is convenient and easy to use when you go out
  • USB cable for charging is included. You can charge your smartphone charger, PC, mobile battery, etc
  • Up to now, the lighter and smaller fan has two-stage adjustment of the fan, which can be freely converted in size.
  • USB interface, portable charging.
  • Lightweight and small body design, easy to store The fan blades are made of safe soft rubber, which is soft and does not hurt your hands.
  • 270 degree joint folding technology can be folded and placed on the desktop.
  • Easy to carry and effortless, travel, go out must have good products.
  • Fashionable, Compact and Portable
  • Three Wind Speed
  • Long Battery Life
  • Quiet and Cool
  • Small body, large capacity, double fan blade design
  • Fresh and stylish, macaron color matching
  • Small and portable, adjustable three-speed wind
  • 1L capacity water storage tank, touch button, upper water design, easy to operate, add at any time;
  • Micron water ion, 50ML water mist per hour for delicate humidification, moisturizing directly to the pores;
  • Independent aromatherapy box design, free volatilization;
  • Transparent water tank, creative water level buoyancy ball, the water volume is clearly visible;
  • 35dB light work, quiet nourishment.
  • Good Voice
  • Anti-Interference
  • Noise Reduction
  • Stable Signal
  • Strong Penetration
  • 360 Magnetic Omnidirectional Pickup
  • Cartoon cute style is deeply loved by children.
  • The angle of illumination can be adjusted freely.
  • Designed with USB interface charging, convenient and practical.
  • LED desk lamp, soft light does not hurt the eyes.
  • USB Output
  • Six Level Dimming,
  • Three Color Temperature Modes,
  • Brightness Color Temperature Memory unction